Resource Arginaid Drink Mix Orange 9.2g Sachet 14/Box

Resource Arginaid Drink Mix Orange 9.2g Sachet 14/Box

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Arginaid® Arginine Powder is fat-free, orange-flavoured, and is developed for chronic wound nutritional management. As a medical food arginine module, it is specially formulated for the dietary management of altered physiologic or metabolic conditions that respond to increased arginine intake. This product is suitable for oral or tube feed use and provides 0.11 kcal/mL.

Features & Benefits:

One serving of Arginaid® powder provides 4.5g of the amino acid L-arginine (1.4 grams nitrogen)

Mixes quickly and easily with water


Store unopened power packets at room temperature. After mixing, cover and refrigerate any unused portions. Use within 24 hours. Stir briskly before use.

Oral Feeding

Mix content of single-serving packet with 6-8fl oz of water, stir briskly and consume.

Tube Feeding

Mix one packet of Arginaid® with 120-180mL warm water. Mix and administer by syringe down the feeding tube.


Take 2 servings of Arginaid® per day. Take for a minimum of 2 weeks or until the wound has healed.
Servings may vary according to individual assessment by a qualified health care provider.


Brand: Nestle

Product: Arginaid® Fat Free Orange Arginine Powder Sachets (9517630)

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