MoliCare Skin Shampoo 500ml

MoliCare Skin Shampoo 500ml

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Experience gentle cleansing and nourishment with MoliCare Skin Shampoo. Enriched with panthenol and almond oil, this mild shampoo is designed for both hair and sensitive scalps, offering a soothing and hydrating cleanse. Formulated to be pH skin neutral, it maintains the skin's natural protection layer while providing a refreshing clean. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with its odour neutralising properties. Dermatologically tested for safety and efficacy, MoliCare Skin Shampoo ensures a gentle and effective hair care routine.

Product Features

  • Contains nourishing panthenol and almond oil
  • pH 5.5 to maintain the skin's acid mantle and natural protection layer
  • Gentle cleansing formula suitable for hair and dry, sensitive scalps
  • Mild nature ensures a soothing and non-irritating cleanse
  • Enriched with soothing panthenol to hydrate and nurture the hair and scalp
  • Almond oil provides additional nourishment, leaving hair soft and manageable
  • pH-balanced formulation maintains the skin's natural acid mantle for optimal scalp health
  • Odour neutralising properties leave hair feeling fresh and clean
  • Dermatologically tested for safety and suitable for daily use

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