Molicare Skin Protect Foam 100ml

Molicare Skin Protect Foam 100ml

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Containing the Nutriskin Protection Complex to strengthen the skin's barrier and regeneration function, MoliCare Skin Protection Foam offers an effective alternative to Barrier Cream for skin protection, provided in a foam format. This protection foam is suitable for covering a larger part of the intimate area with a smaller amount of foam needed compared to the cream.

Product Features

  • Very low viscosity and easy to spread
  • Incorporates nourishing panthenol and urea to stimulate skin regeneration and maintain the skin's moisture balance
  • Helps to recover irritated skin and regenerate damaged skin
  • Suitable for sensitive and irritated skin
  • Use after cleansing the skin as an added layer of protection

Formulated by our skin care experts, the MoliCare Protection range provides lasting care for vulnerable and delicate skin. Our Skin Protection Foam specifically works to prevent soreness and damage caused by incontinence by creating a protective layer across the skin.

The special foam formulation has been dermatologically-tested and contains our special Nutriskin Protection Complex that supports the skin’s own natural barrier and helps in its regeneration. A rich complex of amino acids, sweet almond oils, essential fatty acids, and creatine also gently work together to form a protective layer and strengthen the skin. Moisturizing panthenol and urea then nourish the upper layer, helping fragile skin to heal. Used regularly, MoliCare Skin Protection Foam is highly effective in protecting your skin and preventing any irritation or damage caused by prolonged or more severe forms of incontinence.

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