MoliCare Premium Form 6 Drops MEN

MoliCare Premium Form 6 Drops MEN

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A pad for moderate incontinence that is shaped to fit perfectly to the male body. MoliCare Premium Form features an advanced absorbent core providing fast absorption, leakage protection, skin protection, and a feeling of dryness and comfort. Worn with MoliCare Premium Fixpants.

Product Features

  • Pad for moderate incontinence, shaped to fit perfectly to the body
  • Advanced 3-layer absorbent core technology
  • 64% faster absorption for a comfortable and dry feeling*
  • Skin balanced pH to help prevent skin irritations
  • Inner leakage cuffs for maximum leakage protection
  • Extra odour control for high-level confidence
  • Perfume-free
  • Soft textile-like materials for ultimate wearing comfort and discretion
  • Recommended to be worn with MoliCare Premium Fixpants

Designed specifically for men dealing with urinary and fecal incontinence, MoliCare® Premium Form 6 Drops provides the ideal solution with a front-shifted absorbent core where men need it most. Featuring an innovative and unique absorbent core, MoliCare® Premium Form 6 Drops revolutionizes the absorption process. With a remarkable 64% faster urine absorption rate, the improved 3-layer absorbent core technology swiftly locks away fluids, keeping the skin dry and helping to prevent irritation in the intimate area.

At the heart of the soft, breathable pad is MoliCare®’s unique absorbent core technology which draws moisture away from the body, leaving your skin feeling calm and dry. Meanwhile, the soft textile-like backing sheet significantly reduces rustling as odour neutralizers keep you fresh and feeling confident. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, we recommend wearing the MoliCare® Large Shaped Pads with our fixation pants to keep you feeling comfortable and secure all day long.

MoliCare Premium Form offers a unique absorbent core, designed to provide even greater skin protection, more leakage protection, and an improved feeling of comfort.

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