Mepitel Film 6cm x 7cm

Mepitel Film Transparent Fil Dressing 6cm x 7cm Each

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  • Mepitel Film protects fragile and sensitive skin
  • It is a gentle, sterile, transparent, breathable and adhesive soft silicone film dressing
  • It minimises pain and skin damage for the patient at dressing change
  • It can be used both as primary and secondary dressing
  • It is easy to apply thanks to its application system

 Easy to use 

  • Paper frame
  • Embossed film release liner

Highly protective

  • Soft, thin, breathable and waterproof film is highly conformable and contributes to optimum patient protection & comfort  
  • Landing zone for aggressive tapes used to fixate devices to skin
  • Over IV sites when the IV device is secured through adhesive tape or sutures 
  • Significantly reduce the severity of radiotherapy-induced skin damage 
  • Stays in place for several days 


  • Safetac interface minimises patient discomfort at dressing removal



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