Medilfex Ni Plus Extra Thick Long Cuff Powder Free Purple Nitrile Gloves-Box/100

Medilfex Ni Plus Extra Thick Long Cuff Powder Free Purple Nitrile Gloves-Box/100

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Mediflex Ni Plus is manufactured from a proprietary higher grade raw material designed to enhance chemical protection. This, along with additional thickness and extra processing steps, ensures optimal protection for handling cytotoxic materials. The testing results for chemical protection against cytotoxic materials continues to prove market leading.

Highlights include no breakthrough after 240 minutes for Thiotepa and Cyclophosphamide and over 120 minutes for Carmustine. Testing was also carried out on a further 27 cytotoxic chemicals with no breakthrough after 240 minutes.


Unique Purple colour as identifier for Chemotherapy areas

300mm cuff length for added protection

Non Latex material reducing the risk of Type I allergic reactions

Additional processing to reduce the likelihood of Type IV allergic reactions

Powder free and low residual chemicals providing low risk of contact dermatitis

Extra thickness providing better user protection against hazards

Superior abrasion and puncture resistance

Microtextured fingertips ensure good tactility in wet and dry conditions

Extensive double washing process provides enhanced donning

AQL 1.0 for critical defects

Non Sterile




10 boxes of 100 gloves


Chemotherapy Areas, Pathology and Forensics, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory, Customs and Border Security, Plumbing, Painting, Petroleum and Chemical Industries.

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