Hartmann Omnifix Elastic

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Hartmann Omnifix Elastic is a skin-friendly, non-woven self-adhesive fabric designed for complete-cover dressing retention. Made from a soft and elastic fabric with a hypoallergenic synthetic rubber adhesive, Omnifix Elastic provides reliable adhesion while ensuring high air and water vapor permeability to prevent skin maceration. This radio-translucent bandage can be easily removed without leaving any residues.

It is particularly suitable for securing dressings on joints and angular parts of the body without restricting movement, as well as for securing equipment, probes, and cannulae, making it ideal for patients with sensitive skin.

Benefits & Features

  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive Non-Woven: Soft and adaptable with synthetic adhesive.
  • Widthways Elasticity: Ensures flexibility and movement.
  • High Permeability: Extremely breathable and permeable to air and water vapor.
  • Prevents Skin Maceration: Maintains skin health by allowing moisture to escape.
  • Reliable Adhesion: Stays securely in place yet can be removed painlessly without residue.
  • Radiolucent: Does not absorb x-rays, eliminating the need for removal during x-ray examinations.
  • Available in Various Sizes: Comes in different widths and lengths to suit various medical needs.

Product Details

  • Soft and Supple: Comfortable for the patient and easy to apply for the user.
  • Skin-Friendly: Suitable for patients with sensitive or allergic skin due to its synthetic latex adhesive.
  • Sure Adhesion: Adheres securely while allowing painless removal.
  • Comfortable Fit: Elastic non-woven material fits securely on joints and rounded body parts without impeding movement.
  • Transparent: Does not interfere with x-ray imaging and can be sterilized with radiation.
  • Easy Handling: Measuring scale on the cover paper for precise trimming; easy-to-remove, wave-shaped, die-cut backing paper.
  • Economical: Available in 10-meter rolls, with a special 2-meter roll for dispensaries.

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