Hartmann Hydrosorb Gel

Hartmann Hydrosorb Gel

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Hartmann Hydrosorb Gel is a colorless hydrogel with an electrolytic composition and high viscosity. It provides a balanced moist wound environment, softening dry tissue and scabs. Applied in a thick layer and covered with a secondary dressing, this gel facilitates the detachment of dead tissue and coatings. The amorphous hydrogel accelerates wound healing and can be easily rinsed out without causing skin irritation or damaging newly formed tissue.

Product Details

  • Form: Viscous gel in syringes for moist wound treatment
  • Application: Single-use applicator
  • Function: Absorbs exudate from low-exuding wounds
  • Usage: Suitable for most superficial and deep wounds
  • Composition: Ringer's solution, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, cellulose, carbomer
  • Electrolytic Composition: Ensures a balanced moist wound environment
  • Debridement: Supports endogenous debridement
  • Effectiveness: Softens dry, necrotic tissue and facilitates the removal of coatings
  • Duration: Can remain on the wound for up to 3 days
  • Storage: 5 - 40 °C
  • Packaging: Sterile sealed syringes available in different sizes (5 pieces à 8 g or 10 pieces à 15 g)
  • Precautions: Not suitable for III degree burns, should not be used if clinical signs of infection are present


  • Moist Environment: Provides a moist environment to promote wound healing
  • High Biocompatibility: Conformable fit, does not adhere to the wound
  • Patient Comfort: Natural anesthetic and cooling effect of water on the skin
  • Documentation: Imprinted 1cm square grid aids exact wound documentation
  • Protection: Semi-permeable polyurethane film cover protects wound from moisture and bacteria
  • Absorbency: Sustained absorbency and transparency, exudate, and malodors are contained

When to Use

Hydrosorb Gel is ideal for:

  • Dry or dehydrated wounds
  • Partial or full-thickness lesions
  • Abrasions or severe scrapes
  • Minor burns
  • Wounds with granulated tissue development
  • Radiation skin damage

Note: Avoid using Hydrosorb Gel on extremely moist wounds or wounds with heavy exudate. It typically requires a cover dressing to prevent drying out.

Mechanism of Action

Hydrosorb Gel contains Ringer's solution, glycerol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, and carboxymethyl cellulose. It provides a moist wound environment, softens dry necrotic tissue, facilitates the removal of devitalized tissue, and absorbs wound debris and exudate.

Recommended Use

The syringe presentation enables direct application into the wound for safe, clean dosing. This clear, viscous, sterile gel is used for treating dry chronic wounds. Hydrosorb Gel can be left on a wound for up to 3 days and requires a suitable secondary dressing to prevent drying out.


  • Should not be used if clinical signs of infection are present
  • Not suitable for individuals sensitive to hydrocellular gel

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