Hartmann Cosmopor Advance Sterile

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Cosmopor® Advance's Dry Barrier® Technology allows the wound exudate to penetrate to the pad but does not release it – even under pressure. This combination of high absorption capacity and extremely low rewetting permits the postoperative dressing to stay on the wound longer. The already tried and tested product benefits of Cosmopor® are retained. The products are sterile, self-adhesive wound dressings made of soft non-woven with a highly absorbent pad and include a wound contact layer which prevents the wound pad from adhering to the wound.


For postoperative wound management and sterile dressing of minor injuries, e.g. in first aid. Cosmopor Advance is especially suitable for covering postoperative primary wounds with high volumes of exudates, Cosmopor Antibacterial for covering wounds at risk of infection.

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