Hartmann Atrauman Ag: Silver-Infused Wound Dressing for Faster Healing

Hartmann Atrauman Ag: Silver-Infused Wound Dressing for Faster Healing

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Combat Infection, Promote Healing: The Advanced Chronic Wound Solution

HARTMANN Atrauman Ag is a revolutionary wound dressing designed to combat infection and accelerate healing for chronic wounds and acute burns. This innovative dressing features a unique combination of:

  • Silver-Coated Mesh: Elemental silver delivers powerful antibacterial properties to fight infection and promote a clean healing environment.
  • Atraumatic Design: Non-adhesive and impregnated with a gentle ointment, Atrauman Ag minimizes discomfort during dressing changes.
  • Exceptional Comfort & Drape: The soft, pliable mesh conforms easily to wounds, ensuring optimal comfort for patients.

Key Benefits

  • Antibacterial Protection: Silver coating effectively combats infection for faster healing.
  • Pain-Free Dressing Changes: Non-adherent design minimizes discomfort during removal.
  • Versatility for Various Wounds: Suitable for chronic wounds (ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores) and acute burns (up to 2nd degree).
  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin: The neutral ointment and absence of harsh chemicals make it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Superior Drainage: Permeable mesh allows for proper drainage of wound fluids, preventing maceration.
  • Works with Other Wound Care Products: Compatible with absorbent dressings and negative pressure wound therapy systems.

HARTMANN Atrauman Ag: The Preferred Choice for Professionals

Atrauman Ag is a sterile, individually packaged wound dressing trusted by healthcare professionals for optimal wound management.

Available in Various Sizes (Select size at checkout):

This product offers a range of sizes to accommodate different wound shapes and sizes.

Additional Information:

  • Composition: Polyamide mesh coated with elemental silver, impregnated with triglyceride-based ointment (free of active ingredients)
  • Box Quantity: 10 Dressings


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