Hartmann Atrauman

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Hartmann Atrauman are single-use, sterile dressings. They are non-medicated and ideal for treating superficial acute and chronic wounds. These dressings prevent secondary dressings from sticking to the wound bed. They keep wound edges and surrounding skin supple. They are especially useful for patients with sensitive skin and those sensitive to certain medications.

Benefits & Features

  • Non-Adherent: Prevents secondary dressings from sticking to wounds.
  • Gentle on Skin: Suitable for sensitive skin and dermatological use.
  • Promotes Healing: Keeps wound edges supple and allows secretions to drain.
  • Neutral Ointment: Contains no active ingredients, making it safe for all skin types.
  • Flexible Use: Can be cut to size and used under absorbent dressings.
  • Easy Application: Comes with protective overlays for easy handling.


  1. Take the dressing out of the peel pack.
  2. If needed, cut it to the size of the wound using sterile scissors.
  3. Remove one cover and place the dressing on the wound.
  4. Remove the second cover.
  5. Place a sterile absorbent dressing pad over the Atrauman dressing to absorb exudate.
  6. Replace the Atrauman dressing at each dressing change, unless advised otherwise.
  7. If the dressing is left in place for longer, place a second Atrauman dressing over it to prevent adhesion.

Product Details

  • Material: Polyester tulle, neutral ointment of natural vegetable fatty acids.
  • Packaging: Sterile and individually sealed.
Size Dimensions Article Number Content EAN
Small 5x5cm 4995504 1 Box of 50 pieces, 1 Box of 16 folding boxes 4049500934244, 4052199258621
Medium 7.5x10cm 4995534 1 Box of 50 pieces, 1 Box of 8 folding boxes 4049500934251, 4052199257327
Large 10x20cm 4995364 1 Box of 30 pieces, 1 Box of 5 folding boxes 4049500400404, 4052199257365
XLarge 20x30cm 4995154 1 Box of 10 pieces, 1 Box of 3 folding boxes 4049500563802, 4049500563819


Why Choose Hartmann Atrauman?

HARTMANN Atrauman dressings offer gentle and effective wound care. They are perfect for patients with sensitive skin. The non-adherent design helps maintain a clean wound environment. Promote faster healing with Hartmann Atrauman Dressings.

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