3M Avagard General Moisturising Barrier Lotion - Each

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A moisturising and oil-based emollient barrier lotion.

3M™ Avagard™ Hand Hygiene Range offer a broad range of inter-compatible antiseptic and non-active hand washing and skin hygiene solutions. They are chemically formulated to ensure they do not deactivate one another. All products are pH balanced and contain high levels of emollients and natural moisturisers, to nourish and maintain skin integrity.

  • Hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin’s outer layers, replacing moisture and oils lost by constant hand/body washing.
  • Prevents cracked, dry skin which may harbour more pathogens and therefore increase the risk of cross-infection.
  • Leaves a protective barrier on the skin restricting moisture loss.
  • Ideal for moisturising dry skin during with frequent hand washing and dry winter months.

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