3M Aura Flat Fold Particulate Respirator 9422+, P2, valved - Each

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3M Aura Flat Fold Particulate Respirator 9422+, P2, valved 

The Aura™ 9422+ disposable respirator is specifically designed for the food and beverage manufacturing industry and for those that requires staple-free and/or visually detectable respirators, like the pharmaceutical industry. The Cool Flow™ exhalation valve in 9422+ respirator helps with worker comfort especially when working in hot and humid conditions. It is compatible with other 3M personal safety products, such as eyewear and earplugs.

• Protection factor: 10 x Workplace Exposure Standard 
• Packaging: 10 respirators / box, 12 boxes / case

Proper selection, training and use are essential in order for the respirator to adequately protect the wearer from certain airborne contaminants. 

Warning: Selection of the most appropriate Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) will depend on the particular situation and should be made only by a competent person knowledgeable of the actual working conditions and the limitations of RPE. Details regarding performance and limitations are set out on the respirator packaging and user instructions. Before using any respirator, the wearer must read and understand the user instructions for the product. Use in accordance with AS/NZS 1715:2009 Standard. Misuse can result in sickness or death.

  • Highly visible bright blue (non-food) colour for quick search recognition
  • Staple-free and welded blue headstraps help to minimise contamination risks to your food production
  • Concealed adjustable nose-clip that is metal detectable for safety of your production
  • Ingenious 3-panel design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes, accommodates facial movements and makes the respirator easy to talk through
  • Hygienically individually wrapped to protect from contamination prior to use
  • Sculptured nose panel with a curved low profile design help provide a good field of vision and compatibility of eyewear
  • Innovative chin tab to improve the ease of fitting and adjustment
  • Embossed top panel of the respirator helps reduce eyewear fogging for improved visibility
  • Improved breathing ease and comfort that combines the benefits of 3M electrets particulate filter material with advanced low breathing resistance filter technology
  • P2 rated filtration efficiency
  • Protects against hazards, such as, dusts, mists, smoke and fume
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1716:2012

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